SANIT Urinal mounting set

Urinal mounting set
universal cartridge roughing-in set with a compact design for solid walls for manual pneumatic cartridge valves or solenoid cartridge valves 6V DC for infrared electronics, relative conductivity, plastic roughing-in box w/h/d: 96x122x72 mm, with pre-assembled, modifiable water path, with stopcock, protection box for access opening can be cut to size, with fastenings, flow pressure 1-10 bar, Noise Class I, universal R 1/2 water connection, filter and valve cap with 8 mm hexagon socket,
with flush pipe 500 mm, external diameter 20 mm, to be cut on site (from middle roughing-in box to middle of back urinal inlet maximum 610 mm, minimum 210 mm), with flush pipe redirection and fixing plate, with supply pipe 180 mm external diameter 20 mm to be cut on site, with urinal water supply kit comprising flush pipe and flush pipe connector for pan diameter 32-38 mm, packed in a box

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