SANIT Shower channel stainless steel 950/50 vertical height adjustable

Shower channel ES 50, height adjustable, vertical waste outlet
for solid wall installation, to drain floor-level showers, can be installed in the room or at the wall, minimum installation height 26 mm, consisting of stainless steel shower channel 50 mm wide, length 950 mm, with factory-fitted seal sleeve, drain frame, outlet capacity 0.5 l/sec, tested according to DIN EN 1253, incl. prefab assembly kit, height-adjustable and usable on both sides covering of stainless steel brushed or tileable for floor coverings between 6 and 15 mm (preset to 10 mm), covering of stainless steel brushed for floor coverings of 6 to 15 mm, covering tileable with floor coverings between 9 and 15 mm, with polystyrene carriers, building protection and fastenings, packed in a box

- flexible connection hose code no. 03.878.00..0000 - Trap DN 50 code no. 31.801.00..0000

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